FEFCO Box Styles: The Comprehensive Guide

What is FEFCO?

FEFCO is the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, a non-profit organisation representing the corrugated cardboard industry across the United Kingdom and Europe who devised a simple, yet effective system to replace long winded and complicated descriptions of various styles of corrugated cartons which are by nature extremely customisable.

What is the FEFCO code?

A FEFCO box style code is a four-digit code, where the first two digits comprise of the styles category and the second two digits represent the unique box style within the category. For example, 0201 is the 01 style of box from the 02 (Slotted-type box) category.

What are the FEFCO categories?

Commercial rolls & sheets

Commercial rolls and sheets are typically used to protect glass in transport and whilst in storage for additional safety and security.

Slotted-type boxes

Generally comprising of one piece of corrugated card which can be glued, stitched of tapes from the flaps on the top and bottom. Usually they are flat packed and need to be sealed by the user during assembly.

Telescope-type boxes

Telescope-type boxes usually comprise of multiple pieces of corrugated card with the main characteristic of a lid and/or bottom which “telescopes” over the main body section of the box.

Folder-type boxes & trays

These usually only utilise one piece of corrugated board with a hinged bottom, forming all of the walls and the cover. Some folder-type boxes will incorporate locking tabs, handles, display panels and other unique features.

Slide-type boxes

Slide-type boxes are several pieces of liners and sleeves that are facing different directions from one another. This category also includes outside sleeves for other boxes.

Rigid-type boxes

These box styles consist of two separate end pieces with a body, which requires stitching or a similar fixing before they are fit for use.

Ready-glued cases

This style is essentially one piece of corrugated cardboard and are shipped flat for easy storage and transportation. They are particularly easy to assemble.

Interior fitments

These are singular items fit to use with other box styles, generally built to protect and divider objects from one another. These may include inside liners, pads or more commonly partitions and dividers.

Why doesn’t the FEFCO code mention box dimensions?

The FEFCO system only represents styles of boxes, not dimensions which need to be specified separately to the box style, for example you may wish to commission a box manufacturer (like Package-In) to manufacture an 0427 style box with a completely customised set of dimensions to suit your requirement. When specifying dimensions for a FEFCO style box, be sure to detail the Length (L), Width (W) and Height (H) of the box.


• Length (L) = the longer dimension at the opening
• Width (W) = the shorter dimension at the opening
• Height (H) = the dimension from the top of the opening to the base

FEFCO advice on closure of boxes

FEFCO advises that the closure of boxes is just as important as the construction of the box style itself. The advisable methods of box closure on FEFCO box styles either individually or combined are:


• Gluing
• Taping (adhesive tapes for example)
• Interlocking
• Stitching


These methods of closure are either already performed on the box or may require closure during assembly, for example adhesive taping.

Popular FEFCO style boxes

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