Retail Ready Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is a range of corrugated cardboard packaging products that have been developed with the retail sector in mind for simple and easy distribution from case to shelf, minimising labour from moving single units of products to a shelf and saving associated costs in time.


Retail Ready Packaging, should embody 5 “easy” guidelines set by the Institute of Grocery Distribution. Each corrugated RRP should be;


  • Easy to identify – The product or brand is clearly printed, enabling store personnel to quickly identify or find the product
  • Easy to open – Simple and fast to open, without compromising the strength of the product
  • Easy to merchandise – Fast and simple to replenish, making best use of shelf space
  • Easy to shop – customers can clearly identify and pick the product
  • Easy to dispose – Minimal material is used and suitable for recycling


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