Here at Package-In, we are taking steps to be a sustainable and environmentally conscious company. Below are a few of the things we have recently implemented in order to do our part for the environment.

We’ve Wrapped up Pallet Wrap

We no longer wrap our pallets by default before they are delivered to our customers unless they have explicitly requested, reducing our use of plastic pallet wrap by almost 80%!

Cartons Made From 100% Recycled Board

We’re proud to have added 100% recycled board to our range of cardboard boxes, which is also 100% recyclable after use! Interested? Request a quote today!

Reducing Carbon from Deliveries

We’re actively reducing the number of deliveries we’re doing, avoiding splitting deliveries where we possibly can to reduce our carbon footprint!

Cardboard Boxes

Reducing Carbon from UK Manufacturing

As a UK manufacturer, we have less of a carbon footprint compared to cardboard boxes manufactured and imported from overseas!

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